We will gather on Zoom on the last Thursday of each month from 5pm - 6:30PM PST beginning on October 28, 2021

This is a space for us to share and be supported for what is most vulnerable; to inspire each other with and celebrate each other for what blessings and triumphs have arisen for us; and to deeply appreciate and be nourished by each other for who we are. Each circle will have a focal theme such as facing fears, resolving conflicts, moving through breakdowns to breakthroughs, generous listening, empathetic communication, dissipating drama, living in our essence rather than in persona. . . and more. . .

There may not be the opportunity for everyone who joins each circle to share, and showing up with a challenge or celebration to share is not compulsory.  Show up as you are, and share only what you feel called to and what the space is asking for.  Simply partaking in casting the field by holding space as a witness committed to being of support to others is a powerful activation.

To set the container for each session, confidentiality agreements will be made, and a guided meditation and insight aligned with its theme will be offered. There will also be a private messaging group so that all participants will have the option to join for support in between sessions.

In this journey together, we will :

The intention of these online gatherings is to utilize acts of sharing about our challenges and celebrating our triumphs with each other as practices that have powerfully coactive interpersonal and intrapersonal impacts for deep growth and expansive transformation.

On the interpersonal plane, when we hold space for others to express their challenges in full support of them and without judgment, we help them to more clearly and courageously face those challenges as well as open greater capacity for ourselves to face our own. Mirroring this, the more fully we are able to celebrate each others' joys and triumphs, the more completely we are able to feel and appreciate our own and, in turn, be an inspiration to others.

On the intrapersonal plane, the more willingly we can express our challenges to others, the more fully we know their roots and the more deeply we can resolve them; and, with deeper clarity of our own challenges, we hold greater capacity to have compassion for others in theirs. When we are able to celebrate our triumphs, we can be more fully grounded in knowing our gifts and our inherent worth. Both aspects of such practice help us to let go of what illusions our traumatized selves yet cling to and thus live with greater integrity and fulfillment.

This is a FREE offering

and you are also welcome to gift whatever you feel called to offer if these gatherings are of service, support, and value for you.

There is space for 25 participants for each gathering, and they are open to all people of all gender identities and non-binaries 18 years of age and older.

Please email  leiven@awoven.org  with any questions

To find out more about Leiven:

Leiven is instrumental in my journey in doing growth-oriented work. I had the privilege of being close to him through great tension and conflict in my life. When we connected during this time, I received so much comfort from his presence, how he holds space and reflects with great empathy. I truly feel him to be a strong, empty vessel that I could pour anything in to. Leiven's actions and how he communicates come from a place of his wisdom, integrity, and resolve that will always impress me. He's healed me, he's prepared me to face my fears, and has affirmed me in a way that leaves me glowing after we part ways.
- Taylor Lahey

When Leiven enters the room…people feel more free to be themselves. He gives men the permission to be more fluid and less in that masculine box. There’s a sense of honor that enters the room with him, a sense of possibility and humanity, and hearts open. People feel connected, safe, and loved. He reminds me of the kind of man I want to be connected to in my life.
- Peter Rubin

The field…Leiven created during this course…I’ve never experienced anything quite like this. It felt very conscious, very supportive of whatever it is that we were going through, and I just felt so held inside the container, and there was that precision in each of the practices each week that really dialed in beautiful energy. I joined Leiven’s circle while I was going through a challenging time in my life, and I can’t tell you how fully I felt held and supported, especially through all the difficulties I was dealing with. Leiven brings together some of the most wonderful human beings, and the places we could go together felt amazing. I felt so much love in our group. Leiven is such an amazing facilitator, I felt as though he can connect with people exactly where they are at and so see and hold their human heart and humanity. His reflections of each participants were priceless.
- Minda Myers

My connection with Leiven has brought me increased confidence, helped me sharpen my skills and vision, learn to better talk about feelings utilizing body sensations, made me more honest, and challenged me to see my projections.
- Alex Case

Leiven's presence is indescribable - you must experience it and feel it within your own body. Leiven shares a very unique depth that reaches softly into your heart by touching your soul's uniqueness. He can attentively bring you back to your true vulnerability, guiding you to feel and celebrate life for what it is. It is a true honor to work with Leiven, and my life has been transformed since I have done so.
- Lukasz Kruk

People are drawn to Leiven for his incredible ability to hold space equal to the depths in which he's met himself.  This group is supportive, encouraging, and I found members calling me out in the ways I had wished to be seen, even on the days I wanted to hide away. This was my first group including both men and women (as I've always been called into women's groups) and it was extremely expansive to share with men and hear them in such a deep way which I rarely encounter. To share tears, truths, and be pushed to edges together during a time of craving deeper intimacy was just what I needed.  I trust in Leiven's ability to gently guide while allowing for open and intuitive communication. This group is unique in that though it is done virtually, the energetic and physical connection is just as strong as the verbal.  I found myself meeting people's faces, eyes, and energetic presence even more deeply than I do in person.
- Kensi Hardin

Appreciating you as a brother and a leader and the way you so genuinely and fully love and appreciate me...It really penetrates some of these layers of defenses and walls that I sometimes put up. Our latest call was such a potent and wonderful experience for me personally, for my partner, and for us as a couple. I left that call feeling more connected to myself and more connected to my partner and more at ease while feeling more excited about life all in one...Feeling held by you, it’s this energetic bond that no time or distance can diminish. You being so at ease in your authenticity is so inspiring…You bring such honoring, welcoming presence that just opens people up. I am very excited you are hosting more potent circles with your loving presence and wisdom.
- Daniel Warwick

Leiven carries some of the most potent, grounded medicine I’ve ever encountered.  The way he weaves his words with precision and heartfulness, coupled with his compassionate and fierce presence, leaves the receiver with a somatic jubilation, and wondering what just happened.  I am eternally grateful for his allyship and Mentorship.
- Jamie Zao Starseed

Leiven's ability to hold space for others is truly amazing. He leads these containers with such a spiritual awareness. This awareness allowed me to feel comfortable sharing deep personal struggles as well as celebrating my successes. I came away from each session feeling more fulfilled and loved
- Tyler Schultz

Make no mistake, Leiven Hwang carries the depth and power of eternal truth. I have never encountered someone with such grounded presence whose spirit also dances with joyous marvel. He is one of the most sincere and wisest individuals I've ever met. When you speak to Leiven, you might have the life-altering experience of actually being truly and fully listened to for the first time. He receives life with his whole being, and he reflects back into it offerings that are as provocative as they are trustworthy. I recommend Leiven as a guide, coach, sage, friend, and leader with every fiber of my being.
- Jeremy Falk

What working with Leiven has given me more than anything is the awareness that space holds more power than force. Through his demonstration of generous listening, imparting to me powerful tools of tuning into my body and spirit as well as generating love and empathy, Leiven has taught me not to fight the rapids of a raging river but instead to become the river; and, in so doing, holding space and being a clearing for conversation to flow ,love and affinity to be present, and "conflict " to be resolved through the organic process of reflective listening. When Leiven gives feedback, he embodies a skilled archer: knowing that his arrows are precious, he uses them sparingly, delivering them with acute accuracy at precise moments of necessity. Through working with Leiven I have stepped up at my job as a Mental health first responder and am now a leader in creating a new paradigm in my chosen field. I am also on my way to discovering the relationship of my dreams. I would recommend ANYONE to work with Leiven - the value I have received is immeasurable.
- John King

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