Weaving Community & Transformation through Authentic Connection

All beings in the Web of Life are constantly weaving with each other in the evolution of the Whole. Human Beings have the capacity to bring this weaving into conscious awareness and, through the intelligence of the heart and body, contribute to as well as be nourished by the Web of Life. When we weave with and through our deeper, somatic knowing, we invite new intelligences to arise through us.

Community is the whole Web of Life, all Beings. Transformation unfolds in our allowing our somatic knowing to shine the light and lead the way. Authenticity allows our connections and actions to be be grounded in truth and opens a path for us to weave a return to our natural place within the Web of Life. 

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The time is now for us to come together

So many aspects of our world are amplifying divisiveness, and social media platforms that once helped to connect people now seem to be intensifying reactivity and polarization.

Essential threads of mutual respect, compassion, and understanding are being torn apart, exacerbating the challenges we are facing.

It is a crucial time for each of us to play our part in reweaving the ties that support us all by engaging in more healthy ways of communicating - encouraging authenticity, vulnerability, inclusivity, and mutual empowerment.

Mutual understanding and willingness to learn from one another will deeply, positively impact our lives and communities.

With the rapid increase in depression and stress in a climate of intensifying social polarity, we need safe places for connecting, collaborating, and healing.

We need to continue to actualize racial healing both within and between communities.

We need to create more safe and supportive spaces for communication, connection, and coaction.

The AWOVEN Community

AWOVEN is a brave and safe container for deepening connections, healing, and understanding between people from all backgrounds and ways of life. It is a diverse, supportive, and healing space rather than insular, reactive, and polarizing as much of the world around us seems to be.

Twice-monthly Sessions
for $49.99/month

AWOVEN will hold twice-monthly AWOVEN Gatherings on Zoom led by its Founders and a diverse array of change-makers around the most important, dynamic issues of society and consciousness with break-out discussions moderated by coaches and leaders in the community.

Participation in AWOVEN Gatherings is through a monthly subscription of $49.99 per month with a 2-week FREE Trial.

AWOVEN Gathering Zoom Sessions will be on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month from 5pm - 6:30pm Pacific Time in the US.

Each session is a Facilitated Experience that will:

Every moderated Break-out Discussion will:

Some of our AWOVEN Gatherings feature Guest Presenters, including Vanessa Stone on January 18 and Reggie Hubbard on February 1!

Through her 20 years of leadership and as the Founder of the Amala Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian organization, Vanessa has come to serve as a transformational facilitator, dynamic teacher, and powerful mentor, inspiring emerging leaders who carry revolutionary visions for uplifting our world and growing global community. She has a passion for unifying people from all walks of life in service, personal growth and healing.

In her AWOVEN Gathering Guest Session on January 18, Vanessa shared about "The Third Path"- Living in Collaboration with the Power of Life.
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Reggie is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and the founder/chief serving officer of Active Peace Yoga. His yoga and meditation practice have served as a sanctuary of peace and perspective while navigating the stresses of being a black man in the world and serving in pressure filled jobs at the height of politics. He began practicing yoga under extreme emotional distress at work and now freely shares his peace and practice to all walks of life.

In his AWOVEN Gathering Guest Session on February 1, Reggie guided us into an exploration about Inclusivity and Compassion Toward Self and Others - Healing Ourselves and the World. Find our more about Reggie at:


We're excited to be in conversations with other amazing potential guests, and all AWOVEN members have FREE access to the recordings of both of the above sessions as well as many other past AWOVEN Gatherings.

Courses & Events

AWOVEN's members will also be able to participate in other courses and events offered exclusively to the AWOVEN community.

Every member will be encouraged to begin their AWOVEN experience by taking our FREE Foundation Course, which will offer tools, skills, and understandings for healthy communication that reflect our

While some of the courses and programs that will be offered in AWOVEN will be free, others will be for a fee to support its operation and so that the Course Facilitators, Moderators, and Founders who invest their time, energy, creativity, and passion in providing these offerings can be supported in their lives. AWOVEN will strive to generously share these fees with all those who will part of creating its programs and will reach out to support organizations that are uplifting their communities.

Autism is still poorly-understood and unseen by many. We believe that the dominant culture we are in, created from a conditioning of separation and objectification, contributes greatly to the challenges that people with autism face and curtails the expressions of their unique gifts while  people of color and those in other marginalized communities with autism face even greater obstacles. After paying back its initial capital expenses, AWOVEN will donate 1% of all its revenue to the Autistic People of Color Fund and is seeking ways to support this organization and its work through our community:


AWOVEN’s founders are based in Hawai'i, a land taken from its original people who are still denied control over resources, land, and water for which they have legal rights. The mission of the Kimekeo Foundation is to preserve and perpetuate Hawai‘i’s unique culture, its language, people and environment for the benefit of Maui’s people and generations yet to come. Its founder, Kimokeo Kapahulehua, has uplifted people in so many ways, from preserving Native Hawaiian forests, to revitalizing an ancient Hawaiian fishpond, to educating thousands of youth about the Hawaiian culture and its practices, to raising money for cancer survivors. Kimokeo has touched the lives and hearts of an immeasurable number of people with the expectation that they only take the aloha that they have received from him and share it with others. After paying back its initial capital expenses, AWOVEN will donate 1% of all its revenue to the Kimekeo Foundation and is seeking ways to support this organization and its work through our community:


Another one of AWOVEN's offerings
to the community is a FREE
Sharing & Celebration Circle
on the last Thursday of every month from
5pm - 6:30pm Pacific Time.

The intention of these online gatherings is to utilize the acts of sharing about our challenges and celebrating our triumphs with each other as practices that have powerfully coactive interpersonal and intrapersonal impacts for deep growth and expansive transformation.

This is a space for us to share and be supported for what is most vulnerable; to inspire each other with and celebrate each other for what blessings and triumphs have arisen for us; and to deeply appreciate and be nourished by each other for who we are. Each circle will have a focal theme such as facing fears, resolving conflicts, moving through breakdowns to breakthroughs, generous listening, empathetic communication, dissipating drama, living in our essence rather than in persona. . . and more. . .

Here's a flowchart clarifying
AWOVEN's offerings:

To find out more about Kayla: https://www.lightandshadowkayla.com

To find out more about Shems: https://shemsheartwell.com

To find out more about Heather: https://www.blackswantemple.org

•   Cultivates and inspires relationships of depth, integrity, diversity, and service.

•   Offers opportunities to learn, grow, connect and evolve as a collective, utilizing the group field to expand consciousness and foster healing.

•   Welcomes all emotions and creates a space for them to be heard.

•   Offers tools to identify deeper feelings and unmet needs and express them in effective ways.

•   Is a fertile practice ground to cultivate and grow skills for more meaningful, compassionate, and impactful communication and deeper connections.

•   Provides opportunities and support for developing leadership skills. 

•   Is a fun, transparent space that invites curiosity, learning, and growth.


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